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URL Rewriting Tool

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Eg. http://www.example.com/test.php?firstid=1&secondid=10

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{p}{t}What is {h}URL Rewriting Tool{/h}?{/t}

{b}Hippotool.com's free online URL Rewriting Tool is a super-efficient tool that instantly produces static URLs with a single click. Simply copy the URL, paste it into the box, and click the submit button. Our URL rewriter tool will create the result instantaneously and offer you a shorter, static URL.

Rewrite URL with our Free URL Rewriting Tool

No matter what your URL structure looks like, you’ll always be able to find your content using our free URL rewriting tool online. Simply enter the URL of the page you want to rewrite and HippoTool.com will redirect you to your new URL instantly! We provide this tool at no cost, so give it a try today! {/b}{/p}


{b}What is a URL?

A URL (or web address) is often used to access content over a network such as HTTP or FTP. URLs were originally known as Uniform Resource Locators because they were designed to locate a specific resource on a network, such as an image or website page. One of their most common uses is to tell search engines where your website can be found online so that they can more easily access and present it in their search results.

What is URL rewriting?

In order to create and manage a webpage, you’ll need to learn about how URLs work. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It’s a standard protocol for identifying a specific web page. The best way to understand how it works is to see an example.

How do I use this tool?

Enter your URL into the text box above, then click GO. The tool will tell you which letters in your URL are not correct and will give you a list of possible alternatives. Pick one and put it in place of your current URL. That’s it! It is as simple as that. No need to register or pay anything! It is completely free.

Limitations of this tool

The tool will only work if there is no query string. Meaning, if your URL contains anything after? it won't work. The reason for that is due to cross-site scripting protection. Sorry! :(

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your URL rewriting tool to rewrite URLs in a test environment? Yes, you can use it for testing purposes. Can I use your URL rewriting tool to rewrite URLs that are on other sites? Our URL rewriting tool is primarily designed to rewrite URLs on your own site. It should not be used to rewrite any other third-party website.