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{p}{t}What is {h}Color Picker Tool{/h}?{/t}

{b}Do you need to choose a color quickly but don’t have your color charts handy? Or do you need to select the shade of gray in between two other shades of gray? An online color picker tool can help with all this and more! Read on to find out more about the many uses of an online color picker tool, what makes one good versus another and where you can find one for free!

Choose a color you want to pick

Enter a hex code you want to get or choose a color from the color palette. Color Palette has 6 sections: primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, basic triad scheme, web-safe colors, and Spanish village. For example, if you choose #5ab5ab in hex format that means 5A is for red, B is for green and 5B is for blue.

Color picker online free tool -

Choose an image you want to pick from

Click the Color Picker button, choose any image you want to pick its color: Use your mouse or finger to click and drag on different areas of an image, a panel will popup with an RGB color code for each part you click: Copy any one of that code and paste it in any place where you need that color. For example forums, blogs, web pages editor like HTML or Webpage CSS, etc... Share and help your friends if they need that ;)

See which pixels are selected, and adjust the image if needed

The ColorPicker tool lets you see which pixels are selected when you sample a color. You can then adjust your image if needed, or click on a different part of your photo to pick a new color. You can use as many colors as you like! This online tool is super handy if you want to make sure your hues are just right and that they’re not conflicting with other elements in your design.

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