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Pagespeed Insights Checker FAQ

What is Pagespeed Insights Checker?

Page speed insights test reports on a webpage's performance on both desktop and mobile devices, offering information, diagnostics, and tips on how to improve your page. This score is calculated by launching Lighthouse and collecting and analyzing lab data about the page.

Check Your Site Speed And Performance With Pagespeed Insights Online Tool

Do you want to check the speed and performance of your website? Now, Provides free tools with Pagespeed Insights Checker Online Tool, you can check your site speed and performance with just one click. With its free online service, you will know how to make your site faster and improve its performance in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). Your readers will thank you later! Let’s take a look at this useful tool now...

How to use the tool?

Enter your URL in the box and then click on check. The site speed, performance, mobile-friendliness score, and other details will be displayed. You can also share your results with others and fix issues that might be slowing down your site speed. You can also see a list of resources related to page load time by clicking on it.

Is your site slow?

Running a slow website can have major consequences for your company’s bottom line—not to mention it’s just plain bad for business. Today, most people expect sites to load at an incredible speed—and if yours doesn’t, you could be costing yourself, potential customers. As a starting point, we recommend using the PageSpeed Insights Checker tool to see how well your site is performing in terms of speed.

Get recommendations for improvement
Pagespeed Insights is a web tool from Google which integrated at our website All SEO tools are in one place that checks your website speed and page performance. It shows you areas that need improvement, as well as suggestions for ways to improve them. If you’re unsure about where to start with SEO or speeding up your site, using pagespeed insights can be a great place to start. {/b}{/p}

How does the tool work?

SEO PageSpeed Insights is a tool built by Google that performs a website speed test. It analyzes your page’s loading time, then generates a report detailing how to make it faster. This is great if you have no idea where to start or if you just want a second opinion. Either way, it’s free and easy to use.

Which sites are analyzed by this tool? 

Google, Facebook, Akamai, and Yandex are currently supported by Pagespeed Insight Checker Tool. We'll add more providers in near future. Please feel free to suggest others.

What will I get after running this tool?

The tool will analyze your web page, website or app and show you detailed suggestions to improve your performance score and speed. Suggestions may include ways to reduce requests, optimize caching, compress components with gzip and more.