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{b}It can be tough to find the owner of a website, but it's easy with our free whois lookup tool. Just enter the domain name and click GO. We'll return the owner's contact information and other data. We'll also tell you if the site has been registered, or if it's available for registration! You can even see who hosts it and which registrar it's using. If you're ready to register your own domain name, we'll help you with that too!

Domain & IP Tools

Looking up domain and IP info is really easy with our free whois lookup tool. Simply enter a domain or IP address, and our search engine will deliver all publicly available information about that host.

Contact Details

If you want to verify someone’s contact details or validate their ownership of a website, there are some excellent tools online that can help you. The whois checker online tool is one of them and it lets you type in an internet domain name and shows you who owns it and where they live. You can also use a whois lookup tool to check for hidden links within a webpage or find out if a website has been registered.

Domain Ownership History

Whois lookup is an online tool that allows you to check domain ownership history. A whois search is a great way to see who owns a specific domain name, but it's also used for determining ownership of email addresses, IP addresses, and other similar types of information. The information from whois lookup can be especially helpful when it comes to filing complaints about websites you believe are infringing on your trademarks or copyrights.

Domain Name's Previous Registrations

You may perform a domain name whois lookup to check for previous registrant information. This can be useful for finding out when a website started and what organization originally registered it.

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